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The following outline of coverage is for informational purposes only.

Liability   Coverage:   This   covers   your   legal   liability   for   bodily   injury   to   others   (Bodily   Injury Liability)  or damage  to  their  property  (Property  Damage  Liability).  Florida  law  requires  you  have Property  Damage  Liability  coverage.  The  principal  exclusions  (items  not  covered  by  your  policy) for  this  coverage  are:  (1)  autos  owned  by  you  or  furnished  or  available  for  the  regular  use  of  you or  your  family  members  ,  which  have  not  been  specifically  covered  under  the  policy,  (2)  vehicles with less than 4 wheels, and (3) claims for injured members.

Personal  Injury  Protection  (P.I.P.):  This  covers  you,  your  family  members  and  certain  others, for  bodily injuries  resulting  from  auto  accidents,  without  regard  to  fault.  Payments  are  for  80%  of medical  expenses, 60%  for  loss  of  income,  replacement  household  services  and  (if  the  limit  has not   been   exhausted   by other   benefits)   a   death   benefit.   Personal   Injury   Protection   is   also required  under  Florida  law.  The principal  exclusions  for  this  coverage  are  injuries  sustained  in autos  you  or  your  family  members  own, which  have  not  been  specifically  covered  under  the policy, and injuries to other vehicle owners required by law to have their own coverage.

Medical  Payment  Coverage:  This  coverage  supplement  the  medical  expense  reimbursement  of PIP  coverage and  provide  basic  coverage  in  situations  where  PIP  does  not  pay.  The  principal exclusion's are similar to those for liability coverage.

Uninsured  Motorist  Coverage:  This  coverage  pays  for  bodily  injuries  to  you,  family  members and  certain others,  resulting  from  the  negligence  of  others.  It  pays  when  the  at-fault  party  has: no   liability   insurance, or   liability   coverage   with   limits   not   adequate   to   pay   for   the   damage incurred,  or  if  injuries  result from  a  hit-and-run  vehicle.  Your  coverage  may  be  "Stacked"  or  "Non-stacked".   The   principal   difference between   these   two   forms   is   that   the   total   amount   of protection  under  the  stacked  form  is  the sum of the  limits  applicable  to  each  vehicle  insured, whereas  under  the  non-stacked  form  the  limit  stated applies per  accident  regardless  of  how many vehicles you own or insure.

Collision: This covers damage to your car resulting from upset or impact with another object.

Comprehensive:  Provides  coverage  for  damage  to  your  car  resulting  from  fire,  theft  and  other direct  losses  not  excluded.  The  principal  exclusions  are  for  damage  to  certain  electronic  and sound  equipment;  tapes  and  others  media;  radar  detector;  undeclared  camper  bodies;  and  van pickup customized equipment.

Other   Coverage:   In   addition,   your   policy   may   contain   other   endorsements   which   add   or broaden  coverage,  as  indicated  by  their  titles.  The  principal  endorsements  which  may  be  found is towing and labor cost.Renewal  and  Cancellation  Provision:   

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